Urban Botanic

Shew. You know how I love smelly things, well this company has me under its spell already and the concept is intoxicating! Urban Botanic takes the home party to a new level, helping women create their personal scent to add to lotion, parfume spray, and bath items. How fun is that?

I'm waiting to hear back about having a party here and perhaps saving up for their hefty consultant fee of $500. Eh, if nothing else, I'll smell fabulous!


Fool on the Hill update

It's getting closer! Meh- I've been saying that for three years now... ;)

We're having the house re-wrapped and sided, soon the stonework, ductwork and actual walls will be in (aim high...)!

Click on the photo for a clearer picture!


Wee Ghostie stories

Check out the newest stories at Wee Ghosties, I have another one entered in a contest right now at Dark Recesses Press. If it flops, perhaps you'll see it in the blog!
Wish me luck!

Online parties

Whoooo! I had a lot of fun at that party! I love it when people get into bidding wars during auction parties, they're having fun and I get to shake my bad thing and let them go crazy. I've been asked to write an ebook on how to do online parties, I'm also considering becoming a chat hostess for hire for those who would feel more comfortable with back up or they'd like me to run the thing while they get the orders for their company! It's alllll good, baby. Check back for status on the ebook!


Black Friday Weekend Auction Party!

Join me at 12pm EST on Saturday, November 25th, for a Basic Mineral Makeup party! Learn more about mineral makeup (you know you want to) and tips to apply it. Win fabulous prizes and meet some great people doing it! Heck, I'm throwing in some salves and aromatherapy things in for prizes too just for fun -- hello -- stocking stuffers!

How auctions work:
Earn bucks by doing some of the very simple things below. Pre-order and earn more bucks! Then, the day of the party, come by the chat room and we'll get even more bucks by playing games -- some answers are on my website so please have another browser open to switch back and forth, if you don't know how to do this please contact me before the party and I'll get you ready -- then when I start the auction you use your bucks against other guests to WIN! Simple as that!

Time: 12pm EST
Date: Saturday, November 25th
Place: http://holidayboxswap.com/chat.html
To Order Visit: http://basicmineralmakeup.com/stacey.htm
Then email me at: stacey @basicmineralmakeup.com . Please put BF/Basic Mineral Makeup Auction Party in subject line and send me your order instead of buying through the site at that time. That way I'll know when you order and can give out more auction bucks! I will enter your order after the party in case you get into the bidding frenzy and need more bucks (saves on shipping ).

Earn Auction Bucks to bid on PRIZES!!

How do you get Auction Bucks??

RSVPing to stacey @basicmineralmakeup.com - $300 Auction Bucks
Being There on Time - $300 Auction Bucks
Being There - $100 Auction Bucks
Purchasing BEFORE the party - $1,000 Auction Bucks
Purchasing DURING the party - $500 Auction Bucks
Being one of the first 5 paid orders BEFORE the party - $2,000 EXTRA Bucks
Bring a friend who participates in the party -$500 Auction Bucks

There will be games during the party to earn auction bucks as well!!!

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions at all, just give me a jingle. Have a fabulous holiday!


Bath and Body Recipes

As many of you already know, I've been fiddling with making my own bath and body things for a long time. I love giving them as gifts and even started my own business with salves and herbal pillows. I wanted to share some recipes online for others to get started so will be putting one up daily. There's also an ebook available (not my recipes) for download. Let's get crackin' on Christmas presents!!

Daily Slow Cooker Recipes

I'm a slow cooker nut! I love doing this for the family, it's quick, simple and everyone enjoys a hot meal. I started a blog with slow cooker recipes, one will be posted a day or you can download the ebook with over 450 recipes! Come check out what's in the crockpot today!




Is it me, or are there an awful lot of pictures of the girls in this blog?


Getting ready for CANDY

Ok, lily -- not so much. To be fair, she'd just woken up from a nap and was a bit touchy about being made to sit for a photo opp. Not even the lollipop bribe was working...


Vyolette's pumpkins

They're nearly as big as she is!


Slow Cooker pot roast

I looooove my pot roast! Probably the yummiest dinner I make, this is now a Sunday night staple. Enjoy!

1 - 2 to 3 lb beef chuck pot roast
3/4 cup water
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 beef bouillon cube
2 tablespoon dried garlic
2 tablespoon dried onion

Put roast in slow cooker, no need to sear since it's going to be in the pot all day anyway. Combine other ingredients with the water and pour over the roast. Pop on the lid and cook on low for 10-12 hours or 6-8 on high.

Gravy - pour roast drippings from slow cooker into skillet and add 2 tablespoons of flour to thicken over medium heat. Stir with whisk until it boils and the flour blobs are mixed in. Stir and cook for 1-2 minutes more.

Easy roast potatoes - Quarter red potatoes lengthwise and put in a ziploc. Add a few tablespoons of oil, throw in some salt, pepper, dried onion and garlic and shake. Spread evenly on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.


Boy, these kids are cute.

I'm not biased... nooooooooo.



OW! Vyolette announced her foray into the world o'teeth by biting Syenna. Hey, at least it wasn't me... ;) The day before she uttered the words every parent wants to hear -- "trust fund". Oh wait, that was Robin Williams, not Vyolette. She said "MMAMAMAMAAMAMAMAM" drool "MAMAMAMAMAMMAMA" drool.

Pictures are forthcoming as soon as there's more to see than Syen's bloody finger.


Wynter Moon

It occurred to me that there is a lack of pictures of the real Wynter Moon. She's usually the one taking the pictures of the family or making movies of herself and singing in the bathroom.

She has the biggest heart and the biggest smile, a hug for everyone and a great sister!


Baby goo.

Vyolette is flinging herself all over the living room lately. Well, perhaps "flinging" is too enthusiastic a word but rolling herself under couches doesn't sound as dramatic. It's time to see what the updates in baby security systems are, maybe a big dog that blocks the staircase would work, then he puts her gently back in the exersaucer. I am way too old for this~ ;)


The Variety Show

Ahhhh, I love new obsessions. I've joined a friend in her podcasting venture! I'm hosting and producing the Variety Show, part of the Virtual Brown Bag at Agent Retriever for the real estate community. I get all the fun stuff, things that tweak our interest and think you may enjoy, everything from organizing your business day to singing grammar lessons. I'm having a great time learning how to snap those audio files to my will -- muahahahahaaha.

A new show is on every Thursday, 12p at http://roundtable.agentretriever.com , directions for downloading the podcast to listen on your iPod or on your computer (launches automatically) are listed on the site. Come and hear the smooth sound stylings o'stacey~~~


Get this kid an agent!

Syen is taking over my kitchen! She made dinner last night, she's perfecting her recipes to get ready for the Rachael Ray Kid Cook contest. She's already planning her kitchen appliances, what the heck is she going to do with a deep fryer, I don't even let her turn on the stove!


She sees dead people...

If you've been reading this blog for a while or just flat out know me, you know I've been running around with the ghosties for nearly 20 years. A friend and very talented medium, Barb Mallon, is hosting a great Halloween event locally, in Chantilly, Virginia, Halloween night. Having been to three of her past sessions and taking her workshops I can tell you she's right on the money and a kick in the butt to know.

We've done investigations together and her insight has been key to following up on the data the team picks up by more scientific means. If we're the heart, she's definitely the soul of our work.

Visit her website today for more information on this event and others-

Gimme that chocolate!

This kid cracks me up, no wonder I keep having more of them!


Drama free tarot

Alrighty, part of my transitional phase is to dust off my tarot cards and take a peek at the future. A friend just called to ask me what lay in store for his romantic future, why not pass along the same to others? Visit my blog at http://dramafreetarot.blogspot.com and see what you can learn about yourself today. It ain't magic, it's maaaaaaagick ;)

Winds of change

Ahhhhh, the winds are a'blowin. I see the last half of this year as a transitional phase for us. I'm starting a new writing class to get back to what some say are natural talents that have been sitting dusty on a shelf for too long. Bryan is wrapping up building the house and looking towards Seattle and new ideas. Rowyn starts middle school next month (YIKES) and Vyolette just flipped herself over, turtle no more.


NASCAR and my ADD.

Adult ADD is a funny thing. Bryan swears I have it, I think I'm just a master of multi-tasking. Neither of us can stand to not be busy (ergo the five children). What I'm learning as I age is how to shift gears, what's important and what can wait. The kids are important (gear one), Bryan's important (gear two), business is important for my own sense of self (gear three but can idle). I'm learning to balance the times I need to rev up and perform with the idle; this before I blow out a hemi.

Ok. I don't really know what a hemi is but it's apparently important to the NASCAR generation on TV. Having never seen a NASCAR race all the way through (people actually sit through those things) I can't understand the appeal. I blame the ADD. At least it can't be as bad as hockey.


Inspiring Woman -- You can make a difference. Right here. Right now.

I Am Powerful

I am a woman,
poor but proud, invisible but invincible,
a natural resource with unlimited potential.
I am important. I am ready for change.
Given a choice, given a chance,
I will participate, strive, achieve.
I will improve my community and contribute to society.
You can help.
With tools, with knowledge and opportunities,
I am someone - one of many,
working together to overcome prejudice,
fight poverty, wage peace,
for our children,
for our future.
I am a wife, mother, sister,
daughter, partner,
force, leader.
I am powerful.
She has the power to change her world.
You have the power to help her do it.
Getting involved is so easy. You can make a difference with one nomination, one small $10 donation, and five minutes of your time. Please help us to pass on the gift of inspiration to women of poverty. Visit www.InspiringWoman.com to make your nomination.
Then, if you want to help us even more, you can help us spread the word about this great project. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to visit our blog and make their nominations.
One nomination at a time, we will make a difference.
*This information was compiled from CARE's "I Am Powerful Action Kit."


Buffs -- the sequel

well that was fun, had to put in a few more photos!

Where the buffalo roam

What a crazy week! We flew to Montana for my family reunion, who knew I was related to half of Missoula?

The girls had an amazing time fishing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, rolling in chicken poo, fighting off mutant mosquitos, dodging fireworks from my pyro father and brother, wrestling with cousins and chasing buffalo at the National Bison Range. And that was in the first few days. A big thank you to Brad and Stephanie for hosting the 'do, I'll be sending the girls back for summer camp next year... ;)


Who poked the Vyolette?



Basic Mineral Makeup

Ok people, I have HAD it with gooey liquid makeup! I'm not big on makeup anyway but do wear foundation, the summers always led to uneven sweaty makeup that stuck in the wrong places or simply wore off. I tried mineral makeup ages ago and loved it but the cost was prohibitive so stopped buying it. Recently I had an opportunity to join a business that sold mineral makeup at a great price and I could join as a consultant, unfortunately the owner had medical problems and had to sell the business so instead of being a sheep and following, a friend of mine and I decided to take this bull by the horns and start our own company!

Basic Mineral Makeup will launch August 1, 2006! Affordable, adaptable to your lifestyle (no touchups needed) and a snap to apply, Basic Mineral Makeup gives you the silky fresh feel of powder. Created from Earth's minerals, it contains a natural sunscreen, has no additives to make you itch, no talc or fragrance and is easily mixable with other minerals to match your perfect shade. The minerals help smooth out the roughness and redness left from rosacea and acne giving you younger looking skin and a healthy glow.

We're looking for consultants! 25% commission, 25% off personal sales, 5% downline commissions, a free website, free training and graphics plus more!

Come visit me at Basic Mineral Makeup http://basicmineralmakeup.com to get started on your unique beauty!


Just because


And so it goes--

Updated house pics!


It's raining Vyolettes

Well the rain rain rain came down down down--

It's a lovely Oregonian day today, very fitting for Earth Day to be replenished by much needed rain us here in Virginia. Bryan and I sat in the kitchen tonight with the door open to the deck, listening to the patter of rain and taking in the sweet earth smells as they rose up to meet us. We were instantly homesick for Oregon and I'm plotting on how to get us back home--

The girls started the spring season of softball last week! Wynter and Syenna are on the same team and very enthusiastic, Lily thinks she too should be allowed to play so she brings her giant orange plastic bat and watches from the fence outside the diamond, waiting for the coach to send her in--


Ma Belle Vyolette

Five days late and as big as a minute, Miss Vyolette Stella Graham burst into the world on March 18th at 3:23am. 6lbs, 7oz and 20" long!

We're since home and getting into the bleary-eyed merry-go-round of baby love. She's up to 6lbs, 10oz today after dropping to 6lbs, 3oz after birth -- that kid can eat!!


No baby news yet!

Ohhhhh, the wait.

Aside from a crib (coming), I think we've got everything set up for the newbie. You'd think it would be all done from memory by now but it's been four long years since the last toe tickler came through the door. Lily's fourth birthday is tomorrow! Unfortunately, she's back in the pneumonia saddle again so we're celebrating quietly while she checks out the new stroller and sucks down meds from the nebulizer. =)

I'll keep you posted on cervical developments!


we don't need no water let the.....

Finally a winter coat for the poor house! Bryan's been working like a wildman to get us into the house before the baby comes, I think he just wants to show off ;)

panda baby

While Lily sits here on my lap, singing "Santa Claus is coming to town" (in January), she wanted me to share with y'all the wee panda cub we went to visit at the National Zoo in Washington, DC yesterday.

"We saw him at the zoo today, we saw her at the zoo. He looked like a panda and he had a daddy panda and a mama panda. And he had elephants, monkey and hippo friends but no cats. The pandas today there was lots of playing, the mama panda kissed the baby panda! That's so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! Pandas love to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

And on a last note, "You better be bad or good, you better be good for goodness sakes! God bless America!"

To see this bad boy in action, visit his webcam at:
Giant Pandas - National Zoo| FONZ


Graham Crackers

When will I remember what happens when the glow of "let's have another baby" wears off? My feet hurt, my back aches and my boobs? Good lord.

Send cookies. I need backup...