Houston, we have space camp

And a visit from our cousin, Sophie!

of bats and men

Rowyn's GS troop worked on their Bronze Award this summer, completing three (and one more to come) bat houses for our area! I've been working with them on bat conservation and how they can make a difference! Great job, girls!

To create your own bat house, we loved these simple instructions: http://www.batmanagement.com/Batcentral/boxbuild/Small1.html

Go GO Speed Racer!

Syenna took to race car driving like a...well, like a 10yr old race car driver. She tore up the track!


Feeling moddy

How fun is this? I was named the new Children's Forum co-mod for Absolute Write, one of the most respected writer's boards on the net! I highly recommend this board for anyone even thinking of writing; it covers nearly every genre and can help with everything from getting started to celebrating your first novel. Come on over and say howdy!


Who me? Write a book?

Yep. Call me a late bloomer. After nearly fifteen years of Bryan bugging me to write a book so he can retire in style, I've started a ghost story. Now I've written ghost stories before but not with this much spirit. ba dum dum.

Check back here for updates, I'm on chapter six of Beyond the Pale!


I'm a Rockin' Mama!

How fun is this? I was asked by a fellow AWer to be her first in a series of Rockin' Mamas at sheknows.com! The link is up today so go check it out. I'm talking about Wynter's birth, how the girls all had "y"s in their names and why I'm a bad-ass mama. Ok, not really the last one but it's my blog and I'll shake my bad thang if I want to. :P

Check it out before I'm going tomorrow!


Up in the air, Junior Birdman

Rowyn and her cousin, Sophie, have left for Space Camp this week, courtesy of their grandparents. All the Tang they can drink and vomit on the whirl-a-girl for six days! This is Rowyn's first plane trip without an adult along so we were both a little nervous, so much for being the cool mom. I only tried once to get onboard with them...

The house is coming along swimmingly, just waiting for the last bit of ductwork to come in before we bring in the contractors for drywall et al. School starts in three weeks, eh, who needs a toilet?