of bats and men

Rowyn's GS troop worked on their Bronze Award this summer, completing three (and one more to come) bat houses for our area! I've been working with them on bat conservation and how they can make a difference! Great job, girls!

To create your own bat house, we loved these simple instructions: http://www.batmanagement.com/Batcentral/boxbuild/Small1.html


Jennifer said...

So, I don't visit for days and days and you decide to post huh. Well. I see how it is. Still I have to say I love bats and bat houses and that's so cool what you're doing. Not enough people know about bat homes. I've actually been trying to get permission to post some weird ones I found at Offbeat -- that'll be neat. Those kids of yours; cuter and cuter I tell ya.

Stacey said...

It comes in spurts. Well, that and when I convince my 12 yr old to help me get the thingy out of the camera with the pictures on it and upload it.

Rowy's finishing up the Bronze Award with a bat blog soon, we'll post directions on how to make your own! =)

wom said...

I don't know anything about bats. How ever I have been wanting to learn about them. I have seen on tv about how you can build bat houses for your own back yard. I didn't think bats would be that much around people. Thanks for the pictures, they were very nice to see.You have given me something to think about.