I'm a Rockin' Mama!

How fun is this? I was asked by a fellow AWer to be her first in a series of Rockin' Mamas at sheknows.com! The link is up today so go check it out. I'm talking about Wynter's birth, how the girls all had "y"s in their names and why I'm a bad-ass mama. Ok, not really the last one but it's my blog and I'll shake my bad thang if I want to. :P

Check it out before I'm going tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

What the heck are all the AW girls changing their templates but me? Are you all just trying to confuse me?

Glad to see you back to the blogging.

Stacey said...

I finally figured out how to adapt the template to what I want (though I haven't done it yet on this one). Have you seen the snazzy new set up I did on wee ghosties?