Ma Belle Vyolette

Five days late and as big as a minute, Miss Vyolette Stella Graham burst into the world on March 18th at 3:23am. 6lbs, 7oz and 20" long!

We're since home and getting into the bleary-eyed merry-go-round of baby love. She's up to 6lbs, 10oz today after dropping to 6lbs, 3oz after birth -- that kid can eat!!


No baby news yet!

Ohhhhh, the wait.

Aside from a crib (coming), I think we've got everything set up for the newbie. You'd think it would be all done from memory by now but it's been four long years since the last toe tickler came through the door. Lily's fourth birthday is tomorrow! Unfortunately, she's back in the pneumonia saddle again so we're celebrating quietly while she checks out the new stroller and sucks down meds from the nebulizer. =)

I'll keep you posted on cervical developments!