Rub a dub dub

Before the angry emails come flooding in, the dish brush was freshly out of the dishwasher! ;)

Hula Hoopers!

Top picture: Syenna - Kate - Astrid
Bottom: Kate - Syenna - Astrid

The hoopers tore up the Talent Show last night, next year: FLAMING BATONS!

Karmic Twist magazine

YAY me! I have a gig at the new online magazine, Karmic Twist! I'm writing the history/origins column -- In the Beginning... so come over the first of each month and have a gander. :)



Yo ho ho!



So you know Bryan...

He runs in on a Saturday afternoon while Rowyn is at a party and yells out, "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY IN AN HOUR!"

Such is my life---

GatorLand in St. Augustine, FL


Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise, Clearwater, FL

More coming, need to get photos off the cell phone!