She sees dead people...

If you've been reading this blog for a while or just flat out know me, you know I've been running around with the ghosties for nearly 20 years. A friend and very talented medium, Barb Mallon, is hosting a great Halloween event locally, in Chantilly, Virginia, Halloween night. Having been to three of her past sessions and taking her workshops I can tell you she's right on the money and a kick in the butt to know.

We've done investigations together and her insight has been key to following up on the data the team picks up by more scientific means. If we're the heart, she's definitely the soul of our work.

Visit her website today for more information on this event and others-

Gimme that chocolate!

This kid cracks me up, no wonder I keep having more of them!


Drama free tarot

Alrighty, part of my transitional phase is to dust off my tarot cards and take a peek at the future. A friend just called to ask me what lay in store for his romantic future, why not pass along the same to others? Visit my blog at http://dramafreetarot.blogspot.com and see what you can learn about yourself today. It ain't magic, it's maaaaaaagick ;)

Winds of change

Ahhhhh, the winds are a'blowin. I see the last half of this year as a transitional phase for us. I'm starting a new writing class to get back to what some say are natural talents that have been sitting dusty on a shelf for too long. Bryan is wrapping up building the house and looking towards Seattle and new ideas. Rowyn starts middle school next month (YIKES) and Vyolette just flipped herself over, turtle no more.