NASCAR and my ADD.

Adult ADD is a funny thing. Bryan swears I have it, I think I'm just a master of multi-tasking. Neither of us can stand to not be busy (ergo the five children). What I'm learning as I age is how to shift gears, what's important and what can wait. The kids are important (gear one), Bryan's important (gear two), business is important for my own sense of self (gear three but can idle). I'm learning to balance the times I need to rev up and perform with the idle; this before I blow out a hemi.

Ok. I don't really know what a hemi is but it's apparently important to the NASCAR generation on TV. Having never seen a NASCAR race all the way through (people actually sit through those things) I can't understand the appeal. I blame the ADD. At least it can't be as bad as hockey.


Inspiring Woman -- You can make a difference. Right here. Right now.

I Am Powerful

I am a woman,
poor but proud, invisible but invincible,
a natural resource with unlimited potential.
I am important. I am ready for change.
Given a choice, given a chance,
I will participate, strive, achieve.
I will improve my community and contribute to society.
You can help.
With tools, with knowledge and opportunities,
I am someone - one of many,
working together to overcome prejudice,
fight poverty, wage peace,
for our children,
for our future.
I am a wife, mother, sister,
daughter, partner,
force, leader.
I am powerful.
She has the power to change her world.
You have the power to help her do it.
Getting involved is so easy. You can make a difference with one nomination, one small $10 donation, and five minutes of your time. Please help us to pass on the gift of inspiration to women of poverty. Visit www.InspiringWoman.com to make your nomination.
Then, if you want to help us even more, you can help us spread the word about this great project. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to visit our blog and make their nominations.
One nomination at a time, we will make a difference.
*This information was compiled from CARE's "I Am Powerful Action Kit."


Buffs -- the sequel

well that was fun, had to put in a few more photos!

Where the buffalo roam

What a crazy week! We flew to Montana for my family reunion, who knew I was related to half of Missoula?

The girls had an amazing time fishing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, rolling in chicken poo, fighting off mutant mosquitos, dodging fireworks from my pyro father and brother, wrestling with cousins and chasing buffalo at the National Bison Range. And that was in the first few days. A big thank you to Brad and Stephanie for hosting the 'do, I'll be sending the girls back for summer camp next year... ;)