It's raining Vyolettes

Well the rain rain rain came down down down--

It's a lovely Oregonian day today, very fitting for Earth Day to be replenished by much needed rain us here in Virginia. Bryan and I sat in the kitchen tonight with the door open to the deck, listening to the patter of rain and taking in the sweet earth smells as they rose up to meet us. We were instantly homesick for Oregon and I'm plotting on how to get us back home--

The girls started the spring season of softball last week! Wynter and Syenna are on the same team and very enthusiastic, Lily thinks she too should be allowed to play so she brings her giant orange plastic bat and watches from the fence outside the diamond, waiting for the coach to send her in--


Aly said...

While you were getting home sick and soaking up the smell of rain in the night, we were soothing our sunburns from being outside in the 75 degree weather!