Urban Botanic

Shew. You know how I love smelly things, well this company has me under its spell already and the concept is intoxicating! Urban Botanic takes the home party to a new level, helping women create their personal scent to add to lotion, parfume spray, and bath items. How fun is that?

I'm waiting to hear back about having a party here and perhaps saving up for their hefty consultant fee of $500. Eh, if nothing else, I'll smell fabulous!


Sandra said...

Stacey, You will just love Urban Botanic! They are absolutely the best.

Karen said...


I just Googled "Urban Botanic" and your blog came up. I'm a UB consultant and I am having the best time with it. I have never even thought about direct sales, but UB is so different that I had to get in.

Did you get that party you wanted? I'd be happy to mix up a lotion for you and send it in the mail! :)

Stacey said...

Hey Karen!
Thank you for writing! I haven't had a party yet, no one is in Virginia and I'd feel awful asking the rep in WV to come all this way.

Thank you for your offer of lotion but I'm working with Sandra and I'd hate to cross-rep. Good luck with your business!