Black Friday Weekend Auction Party!

Join me at 12pm EST on Saturday, November 25th, for a Basic Mineral Makeup party! Learn more about mineral makeup (you know you want to) and tips to apply it. Win fabulous prizes and meet some great people doing it! Heck, I'm throwing in some salves and aromatherapy things in for prizes too just for fun -- hello -- stocking stuffers!

How auctions work:
Earn bucks by doing some of the very simple things below. Pre-order and earn more bucks! Then, the day of the party, come by the chat room and we'll get even more bucks by playing games -- some answers are on my website so please have another browser open to switch back and forth, if you don't know how to do this please contact me before the party and I'll get you ready -- then when I start the auction you use your bucks against other guests to WIN! Simple as that!

Time: 12pm EST
Date: Saturday, November 25th
Place: http://holidayboxswap.com/chat.html
To Order Visit: http://basicmineralmakeup.com/stacey.htm
Then email me at: stacey @basicmineralmakeup.com . Please put BF/Basic Mineral Makeup Auction Party in subject line and send me your order instead of buying through the site at that time. That way I'll know when you order and can give out more auction bucks! I will enter your order after the party in case you get into the bidding frenzy and need more bucks (saves on shipping ).

Earn Auction Bucks to bid on PRIZES!!

How do you get Auction Bucks??

RSVPing to stacey @basicmineralmakeup.com - $300 Auction Bucks
Being There on Time - $300 Auction Bucks
Being There - $100 Auction Bucks
Purchasing BEFORE the party - $1,000 Auction Bucks
Purchasing DURING the party - $500 Auction Bucks
Being one of the first 5 paid orders BEFORE the party - $2,000 EXTRA Bucks
Bring a friend who participates in the party -$500 Auction Bucks

There will be games during the party to earn auction bucks as well!!!

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions at all, just give me a jingle. Have a fabulous holiday!