The beach, the birds and the burnt buns

After a crazy trip down to Florida for spring break last week, I'm still recovering from too much cervesa and not enough sunscreen. Who would've thought that beer would break down the 50 spf lotion I sprayed all over? We took Vyolette et al to Busch Gardens for her second birthday where she attempted to hug a crane during a show. They now have her picture at the gate and we've been cautioned about bringing her again - they have rules about these things apparently.

Bryan's 40th birthday was the next day; he chickened out of parasailing so we took a lovely cruise around the harbor and watched out for the pirate ship we had been on last year with the girls.

Returning home on Thursday so I could be at work Friday night, my college friend, Christy, and her family popped in for Easter. More margaritas and I seem to remember wine...

Happy Belated Easter!


Chris said...

Looks like fun! You look great! Have you lost more?

stacey said...

Not since you last saw me. It's the tan, everything looks dried up. ;)