Wildlife tips from the girls

Since starting our adventure in the wilds of Mt. Weather, the girls have been picking up handy tips on how to deal with the various creatures that roam our acreage:

From Lily:
- If you see a bear, RUN! He'll chase you and pull your pants down otherwise.
- When a deer comes and looks in your window, hand him the baby.
- Frogs like flies and turtles -- SCREAM and run away.
- When you see a snake, don't move or say "peep."

From Wynter:
- If you found a snapping turtle, do not try picking him up. He'll jump up and try and bite your fingers off! (ow)
- If you see a snake, back away slowly and then RUUUUUUUUUUN
- If you see a skunk, you need to take a bath in tomato sauce, it doesn't matter if he sprays you or not!

From Syen:
- If you see a shark in your back pond, it's hunting season
- If you see a "stunk", yell, "STOP STUNK!"