Well this is awkward.

I hate filling out the "meet your blogger" bios, it reminds me too much of the "what you did for summer vacation" essays. How often can I write, "I ate a bug."?

I have four daughters, four because I did not want five. My husband is currently building a house on a nearby mountain, I'll just refer to him as the Fool on the Hill from here on out; it's now going into it's 2.5 year of construction with no end in sight. Granted, we had a wee setback when he flew off the roof last summer and broke his butt so I'll give him a little healing time :)

At the moment, I'm a graphic artist (meaning I can draw a stick figure), writer when I feel like it and make fabulous salve to heal itchy skin. What can I say... it's a gift. I'll be posting here when new things pop up and whenever I feel the urge to post a ghost story.

Come on over and say howdy! What kind of salves would you like to see? Know a good ghost story? I'm compiling stories of objects that have ghosts attached so if you see grandma's mirror with an odd face in it, give me a hollah!


Bellis said...

hey, we feel you were too easy on Bryan. We want more gossip! What is the meaning behind wyntersmoon?

kreative crafts said...

Hi Stace,

I really like your blog, I'm also in here as well just joined today have to figure out how it works.
Have a great day and see ya on the boards.

Lisa said...

hehehehe........fool on the hill. that rocks.

Tammy said...

Yo chicky baby...love the house and it's not even done yet!!! Wait til the girls make friends with all the critters and start bringing them home with them....better make sure all their shots are up-to-date!!! LOL

Papa said...

Hi,kid ... Where does all this talent come from? I only write technical stuff ... and really cannot draw even a stick figure.
How do you become a "blogger"?
Love: Dad