It's officially the best time of the year.

Okay, I may be a little biased because I get to break out my Halloween decorations at the stroke of midnight on September 30th but it's only because I've been waiting for 11 months to have pumpkins and ghosties around my house and not have people look at me oddly.

Today we took Vyolette to her first pumpkin patch complete with apple-picking and hayrides. We passed up the mega-pumpkin-superville places for an actual farm (and no pumpkin-eating dinosaur) to chat with a fella on horseback about the difference in apples grown in the lovely Shenandoah Valley.


BeaK. said...

I love this special time, from October right through December, not enough time to linger and soak up all the goodies that come with the season.

We are beginning to get the leaf color change and pretty pumpkins everywhere I look.

Got to a goblin hiding somewhere in the mix of dried cornstalks and falling leaves.

What fun to have a friend who loves it as much as I.


Bea Kunz

stacey said...

I do too! I can't believe these photos were taken a year ago, we're on our way back there tomorrow.

I wish this time of year would last until next June. There's never enough time to frolic in the leaves. ;)