My favorite places

I'm on the net. A lot. And as I fumble around the baby and writerly sites, I pick up on some of the coolest blogs/websites out there. Just had to share some of my favorites!

Offbeat homes - my friend Jennifer's blog on some of the most creative and crazy houses on the planet.

Hippie sounds Another great site from Jennifer, she has excellent taste in music. ;)

Tree Hugging Family Get with the green, people!

Family Resource My buddy Julie's blog. Excellent information and she's a hoot!

Bea's Beatitudes My good friend Bea is a farmer in Tenn. A definite blogstop for herbal recipes, lore and great information -- sign up for the newsletter!

The Ardennes Ghost Project

Absolute Write -- I cannot thank this place enough for kickstarting my writing career. Seriously. If you ever even fancied a thought about writing, come and visit this amazing resource.

Many more coming but I need more coffee!


WritingAllNight said...

Hey, thanks for linking me. :-) I saw it on my incoming this morning and felt all warm and fuzzy!

Stacey said...

You betcha, I love your writing style!