8 Random things about me

Grrrrrr. I hate these things but here goes!

1. I am able to pick up almost anything with my toes.
2. I turned down graduate school to spend one more term at OSU and pick up a second major (history), then met my husband a month before I graduated and never went back to school.
3. I was once stranded in the middle of a river while tubing with my brother as teenagers. It took hours to get me back across.
4. I quit college at 18 and moved to NYC with no money (or brains) then returned to college after I figured out I couldn't make it without an education. Duh.
5. I can't stand many blonde actresses and most female singers make my skin crawl.
6. I found an ancient knife point while on a dig in Scotland, right in front of US tourists. Perfect timing. ;)
7. The first ghost I ever saw was my dog, Jake, a month after he'd passed.
8. I like to eat cottage cheese on my hot dogs. Wha?


Diva Of Cheap said...

I sowwy. :-)

Whoops, I used the wrong account. It's Julie.

Jennifer said...

Julie, get it together man ;)

It took some doing; but I found your main blog. Whew you have a ton of blogs to search through. You don't like any female singers? Not even Ani or Joni Mitchell? Do I have to start crying.

Stacey said...

LOL, sorry about that! I don't often leave the family blog link where we hang out. ;)

Ok, I take it back - I love Janis Joplin and Annie Lennox.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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CC said...

Yo...Stace! Tammy here...under the guise of a pink poodle! lol Anywhoooo I too can pick up just about anything with my toes. Pennies are my favorite though! hehehe