As pointed out delicately by my friend, Aly, I've neglected to update the world about the doings of the monkeys.

Softball is finally ending, we've finished last in 12U and middle-of-the-pack for 10U. Let's just say this wasn't our year. Rowy is headed off to Volleyball camp after school gets out, it'll be good to get out of the dust and hot sun.

Wynter had her author chat today at school. Her fabulous teacher makes a point of binding their creative writing and having a formal chat complete with luncheon for the class/parents afterwards. We are going to miss the faculty at this school enormously, they've all been incredible!

I'm busy submitting and writing. Buttercup's Giant Pumpkin headed off to Highlights yesterday, I'm shopping around some publishers in case it's rejected. One Little Goblin is trying to find a home, I can't decide where it's going! I'll be having my own author's chat in Wynter's classroom next week to test-drive them on the second grade.

Syenna, Lily and Vyolette are busy growing and attacking the sprinklers after school. Who needs a dog when I can have things ripped up by them? At least the girls don't poop on the carpet. Anymore.

Bry's busy as a wee bee on the house - projected move in date - July!


Aly said...

Yay for new blog post!!!