Eczema and aromatherapy

As many of you know, Wynter and Lily had/have awful cases of eczema. Testing has shown that lily's allergic to trees and mold while Wynter we suspect is allergic to grass -- so much so that her feet break out in blisters. I make a great black walnut salve that has helped the girls so much, as well as helping other skin conditions on friends and family, that their reactions have diminished enough that Wynter no longer has cracked and blistery feet and has been clear for over two years. My recipe came from some experimentation and research in essential oils, I'm sold on their benefits!

My favorite place to purchase oils is Birch Hill Aromatherapy, visit their recent newsletter to find out more about how oils can help eczema plus other conditions for stress, concentration and better health. Al has been kind enough to answer my questions in the past, these people are great!


Sandra said...

Let me get you some lotion. You will love what it does for eczema.