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Anyone else hearing the theme music to Alien? The girls went with me yesterday to Wormie's latest appointment and waved at the wee blob on the screen who kicked its legs and twirled for its sisters.

Meanwhile, school starts on Monday! We took the girls on a surprise 3-day trip to Kings Dominion and Monticello earlier this week, the looooooooongest ice cream run ever. ;) They had a great time and we wrapped up the summer nicely before Bryan heads for his latest hip surgery on September 7th.


WHY can't I craft?

I swear it's the bane of my existence. I'm surrounded by very crafty people, you'd think it would have rubbed off on me at least a wee bit. I am mess at Modge Podge, will invariably paint myself some odd color before leaving the house and have a craft closet stuffed to the gills with failed attempts at whatever the craft of the minute was. I think that's why I started graphics, at least then I could blame the computer. ;)

I'm going to crackling soon, talk me out of it now. All of a sudden I feel the need to having peeling paint all over the house. It's not particularly attractive but I feel that if I master the art of the subtle peel, I'll be accepted into the crafting fold and will be able to nod knowingly at the lowly masses that cannot mix glue and paint together and come up with this crap. I haven't decided exactly what to subject this torture too, the kids are too fast after that whole "curtain" incident and I don't have the money to ruin furniture at will. Hmmmmm, Bryan has some silly things he never uses in the basement.... muahahahahaahha

Stay tuned.


Mmmmm -- candles!


My best friend Lisa has opened up her very own shop! Featuring candles from our friend Noelle at Bramble Berry Hill, I can't get enough of their Graham Cracker tarts and candles! Lisa is also a talented crafter of primitive dolls, be sure to visit her during the Primitive Artisans Faire
( http://www.primitiveartisansfaire.com/ ) starting August 29th.



Need I say more??

(click on photo for a close-up of my cutie)

Fairy girls

My friend Rebecca from the Polka Dot Dragon made these wonderful fairy accouterments for Princess Lily and her ladies in waiting. Thanks sweetie!!


Da roof -- da roof -- da roof is finally finished...

With only a faint echo of Bryan's Goofy yell as he fell from the tippy-top of the roof still bouncing around the mountain, he finished the roof last weekend!


Ghost stories --- oooooooh

As some of you know, I've been ghosthunting for nearly 20 years. It started with a research paper in college and evolved into a mini-obsession to see if I could wrap my mind around things I have no control over. I focus on the science of the phenomenon instead of slapping a jewel to my forehead and channeling Elvis (though that would ROCK) but I'm open to all new experiences. I started writing for The Shadowlands (http://theshadowlands.net) years ago but gave it up recently to focus on other things. Below is one of my past articles from their newsletter:

Beyond the Pale
Copyright 2005 Stacey Graham

Ghost hunters are a funny breed. What makes us sit alone in a closet for an hour hoping for something to pop out? What are we waiting for? Floating heads?

You’d be surprised to learn that most of us didn’t feast on Friday the 13th movies while growing up, that many had experiences in childhood that they just couldn’t explain and it’s followed them into the twilight of adulthood. Many of you are familiar with Dave Juliano’s experience growing up in a haunted house, here’s an experience that started me on the path to sitting in that closet.

One of my early experiences with the paranormal came from visiting a ghost town in the northwestern USA while on vacation. Now, you’d expect a ghost town to come with the prerequisite residual hauntings or at least a spooky outhouse. This town of Garnet, Montana had its share of rundown buildings as it nestled in a wee valley in the mountains. A gold mining town, it once held the riches of the mountain in its palm and miners flocked to pluck it from between the fingers of the hillside. It grew fat and rich for a time but when the gold ran out, so did the miners. Leaving behind a hotel, a general store, small houses and large pockets dug into the nearby hills (plus the aforementioned spooky outhouses).

My family wandered through what was left of the town, along with other curious tourists, trying to get a sense of what it was like in its heyday. Imagining dirty, desperate men coming from inside a mountain wasn’t difficult, what remained of their cabins told the story better than any signage the BLM had provided. Ruined furniture, rusted pans left scattered about filthy cabins and the feeling of failure permeated the broken walls of the houses, why wouldn’t there be a haunting? It seemed as if that was all there ever was here.

I entered the hotel slowly. Once there was grandeur of sorts, now it looked like a woman ruined by too many men and not enough self-respect. Plaster flaked from the walls and heavy tables stood in the middle of the first floor dining room, looking strangely proud of weathering time and being able to show off their wounds left by drunken gunshots and the flying glass of old arguments. I followed my family upstairs to see the rooms. They were partitioned off by Plexiglas so you could peer inside but not enter. In some of the rooms, the windows were left bare, sunshine squeaked in through the dirty glass and fell onto beds salvaged from the hotel and covered with old quilts. In others, the windows were covered, dusty light shone through the boards that swallowed the glass. These rooms held what seemed to be 100-year-old garbage. It covered the floors and rose up the walls, it smelled like decay and made you want to turn away. I, naturally, couldn’t.

As I got closer, my heart started to beat louder in my ears and my nose started to twitch. I felt lightheaded and wanted to run. I poked my head into the room and at once felt something rushing towards me. I am not particularly psychic, just enough to know when to get the heck out of a place! If I could describe it, I’d say it was pain, screaming and confusion coming at me all at once. I backed away quickly and my investigational gene kicked in. I checked out the other rooms to see if I experienced any similar occurrences and casually asked my husband if he had seen anything out of the ordinary. This man is as intuitive as a brick. “Nothing that a dustbuster couldn’t help…” he replied. 

I knew what I had felt was unusual; I tested it again before we left the building. Again, my heart raced and my nose tingled but this time there was no attack of emotion towards me. I could feel that it sat huddled in the corner, amidst the rubbish and filth, and watched as I moved out of sight and down the stairs, escaping into the light.

To see more of my articles, please visit my ghost site:
Wee Ghosties :: A Beginner's Guide to Ghost Hunting

To visit a friend of mine who talks to dead people, pop over to http://barbmallon.com :)


This is ground control to Major Syenna...

Ohhh, this is too much fun...