WHY can't I craft?

I swear it's the bane of my existence. I'm surrounded by very crafty people, you'd think it would have rubbed off on me at least a wee bit. I am mess at Modge Podge, will invariably paint myself some odd color before leaving the house and have a craft closet stuffed to the gills with failed attempts at whatever the craft of the minute was. I think that's why I started graphics, at least then I could blame the computer. ;)

I'm going to crackling soon, talk me out of it now. All of a sudden I feel the need to having peeling paint all over the house. It's not particularly attractive but I feel that if I master the art of the subtle peel, I'll be accepted into the crafting fold and will be able to nod knowingly at the lowly masses that cannot mix glue and paint together and come up with this crap. I haven't decided exactly what to subject this torture too, the kids are too fast after that whole "curtain" incident and I don't have the money to ruin furniture at will. Hmmmmm, Bryan has some silly things he never uses in the basement.... muahahahahaahha

Stay tuned.


Lisa Clark said...

my suggestion to you my love would be picture frames. they're cheap, not hard to do, spray paint covers a multitude of sins.......