Wee Ghosties

It was a busy weekend for the Graham Crackers. Syenna had her 11th birthday party, insisting that she didn't need me and I'd just get in the way. Good thing too, since I had scheduled a ghost hunt at the West Virginia Penitentiary months before for that weekend. Syen had a great time with her friends, only calling me twice about where I hid the sugar (HA! Like I'd tell HER!) and for something about Vyolette running naked. Again.

Meanwhile, friends and I tripped the ghosties fantastic in West Virginia. Read about it here!


A meeting of the mods

Wheee! I spent a great lunch hour chatting with friends from Absolute Write, Kelly and Melissa. Our schedules finally worked out so we could gossip off the board and force Kelly eat Indian food for the first time. Can't wait until we meet up again!