Baby goo.

Vyolette is flinging herself all over the living room lately. Well, perhaps "flinging" is too enthusiastic a word but rolling herself under couches doesn't sound as dramatic. It's time to see what the updates in baby security systems are, maybe a big dog that blocks the staircase would work, then he puts her gently back in the exersaucer. I am way too old for this~ ;)


The Variety Show

Ahhhh, I love new obsessions. I've joined a friend in her podcasting venture! I'm hosting and producing the Variety Show, part of the Virtual Brown Bag at Agent Retriever for the real estate community. I get all the fun stuff, things that tweak our interest and think you may enjoy, everything from organizing your business day to singing grammar lessons. I'm having a great time learning how to snap those audio files to my will -- muahahahahaaha.

A new show is on every Thursday, 12p at http://roundtable.agentretriever.com , directions for downloading the podcast to listen on your iPod or on your computer (launches automatically) are listed on the site. Come and hear the smooth sound stylings o'stacey~~~


Get this kid an agent!

Syen is taking over my kitchen! She made dinner last night, she's perfecting her recipes to get ready for the Rachael Ray Kid Cook contest. She's already planning her kitchen appliances, what the heck is she going to do with a deep fryer, I don't even let her turn on the stove!