we don't need no water let the.....

Finally a winter coat for the poor house! Bryan's been working like a wildman to get us into the house before the baby comes, I think he just wants to show off ;)

panda baby

While Lily sits here on my lap, singing "Santa Claus is coming to town" (in January), she wanted me to share with y'all the wee panda cub we went to visit at the National Zoo in Washington, DC yesterday.

"We saw him at the zoo today, we saw her at the zoo. He looked like a panda and he had a daddy panda and a mama panda. And he had elephants, monkey and hippo friends but no cats. The pandas today there was lots of playing, the mama panda kissed the baby panda! That's so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! Pandas love to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

And on a last note, "You better be bad or good, you better be good for goodness sakes! God bless America!"

To see this bad boy in action, visit his webcam at:
Giant Pandas - National Zoo| FONZ


Graham Crackers

When will I remember what happens when the glow of "let's have another baby" wears off? My feet hurt, my back aches and my boobs? Good lord.

Send cookies. I need backup...