I am having the best time with my newest psp obsession! I'm plucking my kids out of photographs and turning them into fantasy photos, a lot of free time on my hands, eh?

Today we went back to the zoo and saw fuzzy panda butt. Lily wasn't too impressed and was more enamored of her popsicle. At least this time Bryan didn't try to dunk a kid; the last time we all went together, Lily dropped her juice cup into the turtle pond. When no one came to help us get it out, Bryan dangled poor Wynter by the heel over the water so she could grab it. Unfortunately his hand slipped and... well, you get the picture... turtle poo.

This is a picture of Lily's best friend, Myk.


More crumbs :)

Well, my husband has done it again... I'm pregnant with number five!

I'm still recovering from the shock, you'd think I'd gotten this all down pat by now. We're due March 11-12ish, 2006. I'll get more excited after the first trimester. All I want right now is a cheeseburger and a nap :)

This is going to mean a few changes in business, however. I'm keeping the balms going (I think the villagers will revolt if I pull my Black Walnut Balm out from under them) and the ghost site but I will probably be phasing out graphics and cello bags eventually. So gettum while you still can!



I have very flexible children. I have no idea where it comes from, I can only guess they get it from their father whom, when falling from a roof 26ft above the ground, basically bounced.

Here are photos from their gymnastic debut in June--

That's Wynter in the pink and Syenna in her disco black--