Summer daze

WHAT possesses people to think summer break is a good idea? Mothers fool themselves into thinking they'll be able to sleep in 15 mintues longer when in reality we're just faced with more children sticking cocoa puffs up their noses (like one wasn't enough).

We're now in our second week o'summer love and I'm ready to throttle them. The toddler is so excited that the older three are home that she's skipping naps to be with them. Then around 9pm her head flips around and she spits pea soup at me screaming she's evil. By then, I have to agree. This morning - they've decided to have a dance party; they're dressed in every piece of floaty ballerina gear they could dig up from the toyboxes and are rockin' out to kid music on satellite. It's all fun until the flying dropkick by the 6yr old into the 10yr old, you'd think they watch wrestling with all these slick moves. I'm running out of frozen peas to slap on swelling bruises and we're still looking for Syenna's eyeball under the couch.

Lily just learned to say "Hannukah". That's brilliant except we're not Jewish and I don't see it coming up in conversation anytime soon since it's June. I'll probably be making paper dreidels by the end of the day...

My neighbor, Carol, is moving this week. She's given us a lot of things to help with filling the new house, I now have this house decorated in "early Carol" but am running out of space quickly. If I didn't think that raccoons would nest in the bookcases, I'd send some up there with Bryan! Speaking of Bryan and the house, his one-year accident anniversary was yesterday! Syenna kept walking around the house saying, "I hope he doesn't do reenactments..". And what was he doing? Finishing the roof (sans harness - he's a rebel) and being stung by hornets. Can you feel the enthusiasm to finish?? ;)

Till next time-
Fool on the Hill


Fool on the Hill update

As many of you may know from an earlier post, we're building a huge house atop a *mountain* (side snort from anyone coming from Oregon) in Virginia. I'll soon be making an extra blog for that whole hoo-haa but until then here are some photos :) We're about 55% finished and now are just doing the interior stuff (and waiting for siding). Whoops! We also have all the doors and garage doors on now too!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com